Getting on more stages in 2020 will make you an authority in your field, grow your influence and impact, and if leveraged right, will get you clients and opportunities.

Ready? Let’s go.

Make speaking a powerful addition to your business in 2020.

You know you have something big to say.

You’ve got a message, and you need to get it “out there.”

Whether you want to:

  • create a full time speaking business,
  • build incredible trust and authority, or
  • use talks, workshops and presentations to generate clients

Getting on stages will make you more effective.

I’ll help you grow your business and impact through speaking.

Spread your message, grow your audience online and offline, and make money doing what you love:

  • Making an impact,
  • Being the leader you know you are inside
  • Feeling like you’re achieving your potential
  • Being compensated for all the work you do

Haven’t you had enough of simultaneously wishing everyone would know who you are, while also hiding and hoping no one would notice you?

You have a choice this coming year. 

Keep doing what you’ve been doing, making small improvements, living a comfortable life, and generally playing small…

Or kick things into high gear. Adding speaking and events, even podcasts, to your experience, drives progress, self confidence, sales and opportunities that will not find you otherwise. 

You know what it’s like to make money. You have a program you sell already (or you know what it is and you just haven’t had the kahunas to make it happen yet.)

You’ve been cruising along comfortably for some time.

You may have even done a few gigs, podcasts, or even thought about doing your own event – but you never really built traction with it.

Maybe the idea of all the pieces that need to go into this whole speaking business are overwhelming.

  • Sales pages
  • Funnels
  • Email automations
  • Outreach to the right person
  • Leveraging talks into content

How are you supposed to deal with all that?

If you want to speak more in 2020, you need to make a commitment.

Do you want 1 speaking gig in 2020?

Or 100?

Either way, you don’t just want the gig… you want to be able to leverage that gig into:

1. Money/Clients

2. More opportunities

I can show you how.

Through the systems and frameworks I’ve created, you can get from “AGH” or “well I think I basically know what to do, I just haven’t done it yet”


“I just sold my first client from a speaking gig!”

Without all the hassle and uncertainty of trying to figure it out yourself, and realizing in 12 months time that you’re still where you were last year.

Get the plan you need to make this happen – and rock 2020 like I know you really want to.

You do NOT want to get to a point where you realize you haven’t played full out – that you could have done more with your life.

Take the plan, and use it.

Introducing “Speaking for Growth” 

You don’t need hundreds of hours of content. You just need to know what to do next.

In reality, you already have most of what you need. You just gotta know what to do with it.

You have a business already. You have a topic or message you want to speak about (if you’re not 100% sure, that’s an easy problem to solve.) You have an email list (hopefully – if not you’ll get one.)

…You have the drive to make this work.


We’re excited to show you how we 10x what most entrepreneurs do (or maybe even 100x them.)

STRATEGY – we show you what you need to know to get in front of the right event planners, organizers, podcast hosts and entrepreneurs – how to line everything up so that you’re clear, confident and know exactly what the purpose is of each opportunity. (No more just saying yes to anything because someone asked!)

ACTION: Most entrepreneurs apply for 1-5 gigs a month. We 20x-100x what most people do, because we want better results. We’ll uncover the secret to being prolific in your outreach, including the tools we use to automate the emails, the followups, (and even what our VAs do!)

LEVERAGE: If you make a video and no one knows about it, did you really do it? We’re excited to show you the 4 things you should be leveraging every day, and our strategies to elicit, capture and repurpose them into content that goes for miles. You don’t need to be thinking of new content every day, you’ve probably got more than enough for a whole year! In this program you can create months worth of content in just a few hours, using our methods (and automation) to lay it all out clearly.


Who is this for?

This is for entrepreneurs who are making less than $5k a month who want to get in front of more people on stages, podcasts, panels, summits, FB lives, and social media.

If you want to get more clients from growing your REACH and getting more attention online, this is for you.


Who is this not for?

If you’re not interested in creating content, doing the work that it takes to grow your business or speaking in front of people, this isn’t for you.

(If you’re already making more than $5k-$10k/m, you might be ready for our done for you services. Check those out instead!)

Here’s what you get with Speaking for Growth.

1.You’ll create a speaking plan that gives you complete confidence 

-Confidence in your what you’re speaking about, who you’re speaking to, what you’re selling and how to find (or create) events you want to speak at.
The Original Five P’s Clarity Worksheets will take you from “AGH” to “OOH” in just a few pages.
Most times people want to speak but it all just seems vague and overwhelming – this will make everything clear for you.

2.Look like a pro with a media kit that will make event planners swoon

Even if you don’t have much experience, a media kit is a must and I’ll show you how to create one without the stress. Each piece is important and we’ll go over them together, no matter your budget we’ll make it work.

3.How to leverage your speaking gigs into clients and more opportunities

Also known as “Speaker Funnel Secrets” this part of the program is all about getting clients from your speaking gigs and events. No point just speaking for the heck of it!
We’re here to sell more books, programs, courses or products.
There are systems I use for this that get people into your funnel (they give you their email) you build trust with them and they buy your stuff.
It’s step by step and you can take or leave each piece. 

4.Don’t waste time trying to come up with emails, I’m giving you all my templates. 

All you have to do is tweak what I’ve already done. There are templates for after events, following up with potential clients, outreach to book gigs, collaborations, even sponsor emails.
Everything you need already exists, you just change the language where it suits you. 

5.Get more replies to your emails (and don’t feel like you’re blowing your own horn)

When I first started sending cold emails for gigs I felt like “this is dumb, I feel like I’m promoting myself too much.”
No one knew me! If no one knows your stuff yet, you HAVE to promote yourself.
You’ve got to be your own biggest advocate. No one else will do it!
I’ve crafted 10 followup emails that send if no one answers your email. This is my “relentless followup sequence” and it works.

6.Keep track of all the people you talk to

That’s right, you’re going to start managing your leads properly. Not just leaving them in your email and hoping, or writing them on bits of paper your cat chews on. Every lead will be accounted for and followed up with – this isn’t just a speaking business thing it’s a business thing! Tracking leads will get you more clients. Period.

BONUS TRIAL: 90 Days of Karma Speaker CRM

This CRM is just for speakers and will track your gigs and contacts for you. They’ve agreed to give you a 3 month trial so you can see if it’s for you! Normally 14 days 😉

BONUS FREE LEADS: (January Only)

My team and I will go through and actually FIND YOU YOUR FIRST TEN LEADS for you for speaking opportunities. That’s right, we will get you started! Insane.

BONUS LISTS OF EVENTS: (ya I can’t believe there’s more either)

You’ll get access to lists of hundreds of events in different niches – we’re adding more all the time!

Sound good? I think so too. Now here’s the bit about the money.

This is a new offer and I want to incentivize you to join me – so I’m doing this at half price for right now.


Call Dates for this Program:
We do a monthly call, sometimes with experts, sometimes a Q&A.

These are scheduled in the Facebook group and will normally be on Thursday nights.


Beck’s Been Featured In:

“Beck Power is an audacious human being who barrels through obstacles in pursuit of her goals with creative innovation. She has lots of energy combined with good hair and a disruptor’s mindset. Beck can get the job done.”

-Sami G, Career Kickstart Academy