We Need More Diverse Leaders and Communities.

Welcome to  “The Renegade Leader” Program…

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So you’ve decided you want to speak more?

You have a message, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. For that, you need:


  • More exposure in local and national media
  • More branded content telling people more about you
  • More speaking gigs booked
  • More paying clients and customers and gigs
  • More ATTENTION. 

That’s why we created Renegade Leader.


This is your chance to step into the spotlight and become the leader of a movement, to amplify your message, to get it the attention it deserves.

You want to help people, and you can’t do it if you’re not in front of them.


The Renegade Leader is about building a following, through getting more speaking gigs, getting in front of more people and making piles of money in the process.

There are 3 options for joining the Renegade Leader. 



If you’re looking for more speaking gigs, this is the place! You’ll get 250+ opportunities a month, right to your email! Not only that, but you get trainings on how to create your own products and memberships (so your “free talk” turns into thousands of dollars in sales,) how to get featured on podcasts regularly and how to get featured in lots of media! This is the DIY offer.

Monthly investment: $149

One off payment: $499

Minimum term: 6 months



Renegade Leader Package is for you if you’re too busy doing the things, to apply for the things. In this case, we work almost as an agency to apply to new speaking opportunities on your behalf – as well as the opportunities with places we already work with and are actively looking for speakers for. We will apply on your behalf for 50+ speaking gigs, podcast interviews and media mentions every single month, and you’ll be able to follow them in our system. We work around your calendar and send you all the opportunities you can handle!

Monthly Investment: $599

One off Payment: $3299

Minimum term: 6 months



This package is for experts. People who know they’ve got something good, and need more traction. Not only do we apply for gigs for you, but we also run one main social media platform by posting on it and optimizing it every single day. We actively BRING LEADS to you, day in and day out – we keep your inbox full of speaking offers and people who want to book calls to work with you. This is the “all you can eat” package, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with it. 

Monthly Investment: $999

One off payment $4999

Minimum term: 6 months 

“Beck Power is an audacious human being who barrels through obstacles in pursuit of her goals with creative innovation. She has lots of energy combined with good hair and a disruptor’s mindset. Beck can get the job done.”

-Sami G, Career Kickstart Academy