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May 1st – August 1st


The Renegade Leader. A 3 Month Program for Business Owners who are

Forging Their Own Path

“A few months ago, I put out the intention to meet other women who were really going after it in their businesses and doing amazing things. Something pulled through because I found this group and it has not disappointed! I get so much out of the calls and the group chats and really enjoy contributing to other’s progress. The members of this group collectively have a an enormous amount of wise business info to share, especially in regards to rocking your online business and the day-to-days of managing your own business. I’m grateful for this group!”

– Leslie Meyers, Naturopath

“Beck Power is an audacious human being who barrels through obstacles in pursuit of her goals with creative innovation. She has lots of energy combined with good hair and a disruptor’s mindset. Beck can get the job done.”

-Sami G, Career Kickstart Academy