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"Hi Beck, just a quick note to say thanks for the great information you shared with us last Tuesday, you not only introduced us to a whole new way to deliver more value to our current customers you simplified things and gave us very specific next steps, I can't wait until our next session!" - Lesli Rose, Digital Nomad Entrepreneur
"I count myself very lucky to have worked with Beck. She is a smart, engaged and energetic thought leader who provided a lot of value during our call. She was able to get me to look at my options in ways that I had never considered, and was able to give me actionable steps to get moving toward achieving my goals. In my twenty years of business, I haven't worked with anyone who combines such out of the box thinking with down to earth action steps." -Chris Peden, CPA
"I had been sitting on a business idea for months and finally got this kick in the ass to take an action that not only proved that it was a good idea, but I made money on the spot - - the ultimate validation to move forward. When I got on the train in Barcelona and sat next to Beck, I had no idea I'd end the journey with my first 5 sales. - Mariza, SheKnowsCrypto.com
Beck Power is a digital nomad thought leader and co-founder of several successful business ventures including NomadFly, a flight hacking online course she runs from her base in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s also co-founded two eCommerce ventures including Academy of Arbitrage, a leading ecommerce course, and eCommCon, the first ever eCommerce Virtual Summit.
Beck is known for her no nonsense approach and entrepreneurial mindset hacks. 
Beck specializes in bootstrapping products and businesses that are profitable quickly and can be started with minimal capital
She has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, Digital Trends, Product Hunt, NY Magazine, Fast Business and Yahoo.com
Beck can usually be found in a foreign country.
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